Now I'm also a YouTube Let's Player!

Or if you prefer, a visual novel narrator. I'm going to be keeping up 2 series at once, a visual novel, and either a stealth or horror game. For the visual novels, I'll be fully narrating them, reading them out loud. I decided to do this after trying to find people who were reading them aloud so I could listen while I was working on dolls. But, IF you can find someone who reads them, they usually don't read the lines that are spoken by the game's voice actors. Unfortunately for me, I don't understand Japanese or Korean, so I would have to stop what I'm doing to read every time the characters spoke. So I thought maybe I could provide this for some other people who are looking for the same thing I was.

My visual novel readings concentrate on otome/otoge games, dating sim for girls type of things. I also enjoy dark or horror ones as well though. I don't have the best voice, and it's going to take me a bit to get used to this so I'm still kind of stumbling over some lines and words. I should get better as time goes on!

So, if you'd like to listen to me do some storytelling, or if you'd like to see if you enjoy my playthroughs of games like Thief, Styx and Silent Hill type games, please visit my YouTube channel! I can't get iframes to work right now hopefully I will be able to later, but for now, please click on the link above or below these few paragraphs:

Please visit my Etsy shop

Any sales help me to support my family (I know we all need to do that...) but also my growth as an artist and I can continue to buy more materials and experiment, trying to find new techniques to share with other artists! That is what I love most.

Currently I'm working on custom OOAK Monster High and Ever After High dolls as a family business to help finance the daycare costs for my niece and nephew. I do love communicating with other artists though and sharing my techniques, so I have several tutorial pages here to share and I hope lots of people find them helpful!

Plastic/Vinyl doll customizing tutorials:
Shrinking vinyl doll heads tutorial
Reshaping/resculpting vinyl heads with or without shrinking
Sanding seams and removing molded underwear
Making hard cap wigs for dolls
Making Worbla armor for small dolls

Also some tutorials that I had made for resin ball joint dolls, but some of the techniques can be used for plastic and vinyl dolls as well:
Crafting doll armor out of Worbla
Blushing parts to match
Tweaking fur or mohair wigs for very short hairstyles
Fitting larger bjd neck holes on smaller necks

To view things I've done recently, please visit my galleries and social media pages:
Deviant Art

Each doll I modify has the following features (most steps have tutorials linked above for them):

1. More proportionate heads, shrunken in acetone. It's about a week long process to shrink each vinyl head to make them a little more appropriately sized for their bodies. The Ever After High dolls that I modify get additional work. Dremeling and sanding to add more shape and definition to their faces.

2. Full seam removal/body sanding and molded underwear removal. This can take 3-6 hours per doll depending on the state of the seams and details, but it's well worth it, especially if painting the whole body!

3. Face repaint and full body blushing. Face repaints are the staple of any OOAK doll, but not everyone paints the full body. I like to make the body's details stand out and have a particular love for detailing hands and feet which started back when I used to paint my resin bjds. (to see the uncensored pic of the doll in the picture, just click the picture)

4. Redress Some of my dolls will be redressed with stock clothing that I have on hand if I see something that suits them, but most of them will have hand sewn and crafted outfits. I plan to use Worbla and other thermoplastics to create some armored looks and special accessories.

5. Optional reroot Not all my dolls will have reroots which is why I list this last. It depends on the idea I have for the doll. I use the punch tool method myself which typically takes me 8-15 hours per doll.

I also LOVE bjds! Only the big ones though on the 1/3rd or larger scale and they are very expensive, so I no longer have any room for more of them. I do love and treasure the ones that I have though!

Click below to see my BJD collection:

If you need to contact me with any questions or comments, please write to me at drkne@yahoo.com. Please remember to write something in the subject title that will identify your message as not-spam as I do get a lot of spam...

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